D-Sports: values and healhy life

Fair Play

Sport is a central part of a Dunalastair student’s education. Through it, students learn how to live together through common values of fairness and impartiality, honesty and transparency, recognition of the merit of others, teamwork, fair competition, facing defeats with integrity and victories with humility.

One of the attributes of a Dunalastair student is that they are fair and sport gives a very practical dimension to this.

From motor skills to competition

Dunalastair students develop a love of sport from an early age. From Playgroup to Year 3, physical exercise and psychomotor development are present in P.E., which takes place on a daily basis, with a clear focus on motor and coordination skills. From Year 4 onwards, in addition to the mandatory P.E., as a first approach to the world of sport and competition, pupils begin to participate in the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH), under the name of Sports. In the final years, from Year 7 onwards, in addition to P.E. and Sports, pupils may choose a voluntary Extra Training and commit to compete on the school’ s behalf for at least one season.

Members of the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH)

As part of the Association of British Schools in Chile, sporting competitions take place across the different schools belonging to the group on a seasonal basis, which are organised on a termly basis:

1st  Term: Athletics

2nd Term: Hockey and Rugby

3rd  Term: Football and Volleyball