Our Sites

Our Sites

One School, Three Sites

Dunalastair has three sites across Santiago. We share a common, unique curriculum – Reimagine Learning – which focuses on the development of 21st-century skills: collaborative learning, critical thinking, communication, creativity, and technology.

Our facilities promote a welcoming, positive and collaborative environment for the holistic development of all students. Bright, modern spaces with spacious, flexible classrooms, as well as labs, tech rooms, and sports facilities speak volumes. Our school is designed to inspire!

We foster a great community spirit across our three sites by organising activities and events, often with a sports or family emphasis.
Sede Las Condes

Las Condes

Sede Peñalolén


The Atmosphere at Dunalastair

Dunalastair ensures that students mix with peers, changing classes every other year and providing collaboration activities to encourage new friendships. Being an academically demanding school, we also provide space and time for recreation and fun, such as our anniversary celebrations, for which students organise competitions and contests, creating lasting memories in the process.