School Services

School Services

School Services

All three Dunalastair sites have services to help families balance work and family life with school schedules. All our school services have been designed to make day-to-day life easier.


Dunalastair has included in its tuition fees a school insurance policy with one of the best clinics in the area that protects our students 365 days a year.

Dunalastair has a life insurance contract that covers the full tuition fees of the student in the event of death or total and permanent disability (⅔) of the parent. It is included in the tuition fee.


We have our own catering service in each of our sites. All our lunchrooms offer nutritious lunches and we are able to cater to dietary requirements as needed.

The daily menus are prepared by a nutritionist, as our aim is to offer a balanced, healthy and nutritionally adequate diet to help our students develop healthy eating habits.

The teaching staff and the rest of the team have separate dining areas with the same menus as our students.


All our campuses have an on-site nurse and first aid service, staffed with qualified professionals.

School Bus

We offer an external school bus service to and from school.

Transport schedules are coordinated with class schedules and each parent contacts the bus that corresponds to their route. Payment is made by the parent directly to the transport company.