Dunalastair Sports Club

Dunalastair Sports Club

Dunalastair Sports Club

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Dunalastair Sports Club, founded in Santiago on 05 January 2012, had long been a dream of our community. Students, former students, teachers and parents longed for a space for participation, recreation and sport to belong to.

In 2022 it will be 10 years since the club’s creation and in this short time it has achieved an important development in women’s hockey, men’s rugby, skiing and volleyball.


To be a club that transmits the values of Dunalastair, to form people and athletes who are fair sportsmen and women. The club promotes teamwork to achieve personal and sporting improvement.


To be the biggest rugby and hockey club in the country, educating people with solid values through sport.

Core Values

We understand rugby and hockey as a means to achieve important and transcendent objectives, which are based on values such as respect, friendship, solidarity, honesty, humility, persistence, sacrifice, self-improvement and commitment.