Educational Visits and Clubs

Educational Visits and Clubs

Educational Visits and Clubs

At Dunalastair, school life is more than just lessons. This is why we have a full programme of extracurricular activities to enhance and reinforce the unique skills and talents of our students.

A wide range of activities that opens up a world of experiences for pupils from Year 7 grade to Year 12 including music, cooking, public speaking, science and robotics, in addition to other activities.

Educational Visits

Organised by the ABSCH (Association of British Schools in Chile)

Sports visits: timetable set for students participating in athletics, hockey, rugby, football and volleyball.

Organised by Senior School

Cultural visits: directly related to the projects on which the students are working.


In terms of extracurricular activities, there are two types of clubs:

Organised by Dunalastair

  • Annual
  • Common to all three sites
  • Examples of clubs: robotics, science and orchestra

Organised by students

  • Half-yearly
  • Site-specific
  • Organised by the Student Centre of each campus.