Our Teaching Methodology


Our Teaching Methodology

Challenging traditional educational methodologies, our curriculum is focused on ensuring students have an active engagement with their learning journey.

We do have some mandatory learning objectives that are part of our national curriculum, but the way we deliver them differs from traditional pedagogies.

All our learning experiences are designed to answer the following questions from the learner’s perspective.

The Why

Why is it important to learn this?

The What

What are the conceptual objectives, skills and learning experiences of this unit?

The How

What learning experiences will I undertake?

The evidence

How will I know if I have been successful?

Dunalastair student profile

We educate our students through the concepts, skills and character that will allow them to be:

  • Critically thoughtfuls: are able to reason in a careful,methodical, dispassionate and reflective manner.
  • Responsible citizens: who when acting do so with a sense of responsibility towards themselves, their school community, their society and the environment.
  • Fair: aware of the shared behavioral expectations that make up a community, and respectful of the rights of all its members.
  • Open-minded: willing to consider new ideas or those of others that are different from their own, even when holding strong personal convictions.
  • Innovative: capable of seeing things in a new light, whether it be designing solutions to problems or crafting new ideas about how to do something, and willing to act on these insights.
  • Autonomous: self-governing, free agents who are nevertheless aware of the importance of collaboration in human affairs.
  • Caring: kind, sympathetic and committed to helping others.

Family-School Relationship

Dunalastair’s ´Remagine Learning´  defines the principles and objectives that guide the school’s educational effort and that shape the profile of the student we are trying to educate.

By choosing Dunalastair, parents commit themselves to this project and to collaborate in the education of their children, given that the family is the first educator and responsible for this task.

As Reimagine Learning is a project that involves the families, parents are constantly invited to observe their children’s projects (Learning Presentations and Public Exhibition, Firefly Ceremony, Concerts, Parent-Child Workshop, etc.), as well as to participate as experts in the Expert Visits at the beginning of each new unit.

Parents are also regularly invited to educational talks on topics related to their children’s education at every stage of their child’s development.


“Today I attended the wildlife science fair. I want to say that I was thrilled to hear the children explaining with a level of complexity and detail that I only see in my own students at the University. I have dedicated my life to the study and conservation of Chilean wildlife and to see what you have achieved with 10 year old is incredible.”
Cristián Bonacic

“I presented to the Year 5 students an asphalt additive made from 100% recycled plastic and it was a very nice experience. I thought the children were not going to interact so much, but I was impressed by the amount of questions and comments, some with very interesting ideas and good background knowledge.”
Manuel Gamboa