D-Inquiry | Inquiry-Based Learning

From PlayGroup to Year 4

Driven by the winds of change in the latter part of the 20th century, Dunalastair has been implementing an Inquiry-Based Learning programme from Playgroup to Year 4 since 2004.

The purpose of D-Inquiry is a radical change in the conception of the learning process right from the earliest stages. Learning becomes synonymous with inquiry, reflection, understanding and enjoyment, beyond simply memorisation.

D-Inquiry keys and benefits

  • We go beyond the traditional limits of each subject by fostering deep, broad and integrated learning.
  • 21st century skills are developed: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and the use of digital technology.
  • Human Commonalities) y conceptos claves que organizan el aprendizaje en todos nuestros programas didácticos.
  • The student connects with the subject through integrated learning experiences that make him/her search for information, process it, investigate it in depth, reflect on it and consider possible outcomes.
  • This is implemented through Inquiry Modules, which are distributed throughout the year and integrate different disciplines (Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences, English).
  • Special focus is placed on the importance of connecting new knowledge with students’ previous experiences.
  • The result of being involved in active experiences is a more solid and enduring understanding.
  • The student’s engagement in the learning process is made enjoyable.
  • Assessment takes place at three points in the year, which correlates with the three levels that are measured: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • The aim is that hopefully all students will reach the advanced level in all areas, supported by the guidance provided by their teachers.
  • The teacher is positioned as a catalyst for learning who guides and, above all, motivates students so that they are able to unleash their full potential.