Purpose, Principles and Values

Purpose, Principles and Values

Purpose, Principles and Values


At Dunalastair, we prepare our students to face the challenges of an uncertain and constantly evolving world. It is important that each of our students delivers their best, as their potential cannot be wasted. Dunalastair aims to develop individuals who can contribute to society.

Our Humanist Principles

  • Recognising the role of reason and emotion in the process of obtaining knowledge or understanding.
  • An awareness of other cultures, and an open, non-discriminatory attitude towards the world.
  • A respect for others that allows us to live in communities, and to collaborate with others in social activities.
  • An awareness of human advances in science, culture, technology and ethics, encouraging students to be active participants in one or more of these areas.
  • Freedom, as a central human value, educating our students to make their own decisions.
  • The importance of encouraging a critical spirit, able to evaluate the challenges and risks of our modern world.
  • Cultivating an appreciation for beauty as a means of developing creativity.
  • A sense of responsibility that will make our students socially responsible people who will contribute to their community and country.

Dunalastair’s Core Values

The following values are central to Dunalastair’s identity and must be embodied by members of our community.

The idea of fair play, or fairness, is a key value in British education. Like in sport, shared rules, and a particular spirit governs our behaviour towards each other. Abiding by these rules is the basis of mutual respect, honesty, and consideration towards others.

Students must develop inner strength early on, for self-discipline and perseverance, and to develop the necessary emotional, cognitive and behavioral abilities to respond to life’s challenges.

Virtutis Gloria Merces (glory is the reward for valour) is the school’s motto. In a demanding and complex world, Dunalastair seeks to educate students who can overcome difficulties, learn from problems and setbacks, and enjoy their successes.

Creativity, innovation, and the capacity to carry out projects sucessfully are the expectations we have of Dunalastair students.

Given our non-denominational status, Dunalastair has always welcomed diversity. We educate for a multicultural world.

We are a co-educational school. The modern world requires that men and women accept their differences, understanding that sharing perspectives allows them to face life’s challenges more successfully.

Dunalastair has always sought to balance students’ intellectual, moral and physical development. Physical Education and Sports are an important part of our curriculum. We hope that students will learn to value their health, care for it, and enjoy physical activity.

As well as accepting the consequences of their actions, students can reflect and act on the needs of their immediate community and wider society. We encourage reflection, dialogue, and an awareness that a community’s challenges can have multiple solutions.

We develop team projects where students can value their positive contribution to group achievements (as opposed to individual success).