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Dunalastair’s curriculum has a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills, tempered by a broad curriculum model that combines the different requirements of a school that has a British background but must comply with local requirements as well.

A central part of our curriculum is its growing emphasis on 21st Century skills, that is Collaborative Learning, Critical Thinking, Communication and Creativity. This is addressed by methodologies of inquiry and project-based learning, that are especially important in our primary and middle years.

Personal and social development is an important part of our learning experience, delivered by teachers under the supervision or our Learning Support Department. A comprehensive programme is in place from the early years to ensure that developmental needs of our students are catered for at all levels. In the later years this includes vocational advice and information related to careers and universities.

Dunalastair Las Condes Dunalastair Chicureo Dunalastair Peñalolén
Dunalastair Las Condes - Av. Las Condes 11.931 - Las Condes - Phone: (56) 22495-6600 - E-mail:
Dunalastair Early Childhood Centre - Av. Valle Alegre 225 - Las Condes - Phone: (56) 22380-6590 E-mail:
Dunalastair Peñalolén - Av. Quilín 8669 Peñalolén - Santiago - Phone: (56) 22592-0240 - E-mail:
Dunalastair Chicureo - Camino del Solar S/N - Colina - Phone: (562)26736097 - (562)226736425 - (562)226736439 - E-mail: