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John Mackenzie Headmaster´s Welcome

Dear visitor:

Welcome to the Dunalastair schools' website(s). I hope the information we provide in these pages is useful to you in trying to understand the sort of schools we are, but am fully aware that getting to know a school is an experiential process that cannot be conveyed adequately by websites or brochures.

We have three sites: our original school in Las Condes, and our new schools in Chicureo and Peñalolén.

Our schools seek excellence in teaching and learning and a balanced curriculum, and place a strong emphasis on the use of technology in furthering our learning goals. We also hope to use technology to improve home-school communications, providing up-to-date information for parents. We fully believe in education as a partnership, and only a close relationship between schools and families can provide the support over time that children need in growing up.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information you may require. A visit to the school is often a good way of getting a feel for the institution, and my staff and I would be only too glad to discuss how Dunalastair might be the school your family is looking for.

Best wishes,

John Mackenzie

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Dunalastair Today Dunalastair Todayview more information
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